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Don't Hug Me I'm a Loser :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 2 10
Pichu Pal! :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 1 3 A growing sadness is what I am... :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 5 7 [Art Trade] Little hugs :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 4 7 [Art Trade] bitty chippies :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 3 2 [Art Trade] The God in blue :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 3 3 [Art Trade] Lets play tag! :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 4 2 [Art Trade] Royal boi :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 4 6 Tiny cuties (random AU) :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 5 3 I will never stop loving you :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 6 11 Planet Dolan: Weirdest Personal Secrets :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 4 0 Numero Dos? :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 6 3 Adult Edgar :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 5 3 Planet Dolan sketches :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 4 3 Hoodie babies again :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 6 2
Mature content
Mmm Hunky! (This seriously is just a joke!) :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 5 2
Tom x Matt stamo by craftHayley44 Eduardo stamp by LuckyPsych Again xD by LuckyPsych -I heart Matt- stamp by LuckyPsych Paul stamp by alicetervoorde F2U Tord stamp by Ghostyjunky Edd Gould Stamp by AwkwardLoser classic stupid tom by oh-its-canina jonny by oh-its-canina paultryk by oh-its-canina Eddsworld Juan Stamp by astroknives .:Eddsworld:. Rest in peace, Edd (Stamp) by zealferal KILLUSAAWL Stamp by LinkMasterXP EddsWorld by Ziphora the cats by oh-its-canina

♡♡ Numero Unoxdxd - Stamp by Tamara-637♡♡

Stop making fun of people with autism by SuperMarioFan65 (Just stop, these people are not different. So stop treating them like nothing!)

This bby!!!! ♡♡♡♡ Robin Stamp by Bytesdoodles♡♡♡♡

Welcome to my world of art ^.^

Requests: CLOSED :bucktooth:
Art Trades: OPEN :dance:
Commissions: OPEN :dance:
Collab: CLOSED :bucktooth:

I Don't RolePlay by SoraRoyals77

Art trades due


Commissions due

:iconpuglov90: :cough:

collabs due


KEY for progress on work due

Starting it/traditional lineart~ :cough:
Finished digital lineart~ :yawn:
Finished coloring~ :la:
Finished shading~ :giggle:
Finished background~ :dance:
DONE~ :squee:


Goodra Kids :iconyoshilover1000:yoshiLover1000 8 4 Hellbent loves his Baby Boy :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 7 3 Melissa's Crush :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 9 4 Emojie is all Grown up :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 7 1 Poor Chloe :( :iconpuglov90:puglov90 6 27 MONSTER IN MY MIND :iconr3draw-c3ntral:R3DRAW-C3NTRAL 5 0 Hellbent and his Girl :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 10 3
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Dolan's Clone :iconcookie-lovey:Cookie-Lovey 7 1
MATT'S PLEASURE :iconr3draw-c3ntral:R3DRAW-C3NTRAL 6 0 VISIONS :iconr3draw-c3ntral:R3DRAW-C3NTRAL 3 0 FADING FLOOR :iconr3draw-c3ntral:R3DRAW-C3NTRAL 3 0 FADING ROOM :iconr3draw-c3ntral:R3DRAW-C3NTRAL 3 0 Colerry I Will Always Love You No Matter What :iconemmathepenguin1000:EmmaThePenguin1000 5 0 Pokballs! :iconthatmuttfromschoolxd:ThatMuttFromSchoolXD 2 0 (R) King Coal X Nicole Spending Time In The Snow :iconemmathepenguin1000:EmmaThePenguin1000 4 4 numero uno :iconoh-its-canina:oh-its-canina 25 1



Well I didn't expect cleaning my room would take so damn long. Plus it's hard to store boxes in a crawl space and take out giant plushies at the same time. :faint: plus my mom asked if I was thinking of giving some of my plushies away and I nearly had a heart attack. Seriously I didn't know I was so attached to my childhood. Lol I have so many stuffed animals though and I still need like 4 on my bed. I'm such a child XP now I just have to do a bunch of homework tomorrow and I'll get to drawing or napping.
Don't Hug Me I'm a Loser
Uncensored version

felt like doing this as it seemed like an interesting idea :3 I'm not sure if anyone has already done this. Also if someone has then I'm sure they didn't make Mark in this condition. Lol

So here is what I'm going to say about this. I made Mark naked because Red Guy/Harry is well...naked. I made Eduardo barefoot as Bird Guy/Robin doesn't wear shoes. As for Jonny boy, I gave him the same outfit that Yellow Guy/Manny wears. I really do enjoy how this looks. I just feel the guys have similar personalities to DHMIS. So yeah...

Also I set this to mature because duh, Mark is nude. Lol I have the version of him uncensored at the top of this desc.

Red, Yellow, and Bird Guy (C) DHMIS
Eduardo, Mark, and Jon (C) Eddsworld/Edd Gould
Well I learned something, my sister will never respect me if I were to act like the opposite sex. Like I was explaining to her just now that I don't feel like a girl and she got mad and yelled "You're a girl and that's final!" I'm just saying...that hurt me a bit. She already judges these two kids in our Foods and Hospitality class for dressing as the opposite sex. Like this guy dresses like a girl and the girl dresses like a guy. She's always saying rude shit about them. I literally listened to her saying yesterday "It's obvious that girl is a lesbian because she has a girlfriend" I got mad because she literally has no idea what bisexuality is. She thinks bisexual means that you don't date anyone and she also thinks that pansexual people like to fuck cars and animals. SHE IS THE WORST! I have mentioned multiple times that she's homophobic and kinda racist but I hate how she's being an asshole towards other people who aren't "perfect and normal" like her.

Oh shit I'm sorry! I didn't know that I can't be your sister if I like both genders. Oh no, just because I dress like a boy it means I want a penis! Gee wiz, Alyssa(my sister) I'm very close friends with a girl, guess that means I wanna marry her! What? I'm not the sister I used to be because I have a crush on this one girl? Oh god, I better force myself to fall in love with a guy then so YOU can be happy! (Obvious sarcasm)


Cort-Pikachu's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
ID by :iconm-attique:

Just another fan of pikachu ^^

Hi, you can call me Cort. I'd prefer that ♡ I'm a teenager who likes drawing cute things. Watch me if you wanna, I'd never force you ^.^

The fandoms I'm currently in are
-Happy Tree Friends
-Planet Dolan
-Super Mario
-Sonic the Hedgehog
-Alvin and the Chipmunks

Current level of happiness: decent

m-attique The one who matters to me most! ♡♡♡♡

KwiatLotosu My sweet pet and a great friend of mine ^^

I also love every buddy I have! ♡♡♡♡

-Although my old art contains fetish, I am done drawing fetish art for good!
-If I draw something for you, you don't have to comment but I'd at least expect you to fav it as a way of saying thank you.
-I don't role play!
-No starting role plays or fights with other users on my profile. Seriously you can do that somewhere else.
-Any comments I find unnecessary will be hidden. Meaning anything sexual or not having to do with the said deviation.
-If you need to ask me something personal, send a note.
-If you watch me, please don't say shit like "Watch me back" please. If I get a new watcher I always watch them back.
-If do do requests but they are only for close friends.
-I don't type stories anymore or do story commissions.
-If I find out that you are a watcher of mine and you are harassing other watchers of mine I will unwatch and block you. I prefer that very one is treated kindly and with respect.
-Please be nice!

I Don't RolePlay by SoraRoyals77


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