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Current dreams (warning, very weird) by Cort-Pikachu
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Current dreams (warning, very weird) :iconcort-pikachu:Cort-Pikachu 2 16
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Bigender Pride Stamp by DestinysGrace (you are still free to call me sweetie, honey, sis, or dear. That's unless you'd rather call me your boi, dude, bro, or buddy. You can call me whatever you want as long as I find it appropriate ^^)

EddsWorld by Ziphora .:Eddsworld:. Rest in peace, Edd (Stamp) by zealferal

Edd Gould Stamp by AwkwardLoser classic stupid tom by oh-its-canina -I heart Matt- stamp by LuckyPsych F2U Tord stamp by Ghostyjunky

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Welcome to my world of art ^.^

Requests: CLOSED :bucktooth:
Art Trades: OPEN :dance:
Commissions: CLOSED :bucktooth:
Collab: CLOSED :bucktooth:
(I'm a tad busy with school but I'll try to post art when I can ♡)

I Don't RolePlay by KittyJewelpet78

Art trades due


Commissions due


collabs due


KEY for progress on work due

Starting it/traditional lineart~ :cough:
Finished digital lineart~ :yawn:
Finished coloring~ :la:
Finished shading~ :giggle:
Finished background~ :dance:
Almost finished/finishing touches~ :w00t:
DONE~ :squee:


Niemmy Sleeping Together Sketch by EmmaThePenguin1000 Niemmy Sleeping Together Sketch :iconemmathepenguin1000:EmmaThePenguin1000 4 3 Nicole and Hip Sketch by EmmaThePenguin1000 Nicole and Hip Sketch :iconemmathepenguin1000:EmmaThePenguin1000 3 3 woah holy shit by soorup woah holy shit :iconsoorup:soorup 9 10 Cartoon Nicole Redesigned Line Art by EmmaThePenguin1000 Cartoon Nicole Redesigned Line Art :iconemmathepenguin1000:EmmaThePenguin1000 4 1 SCREAMING IN FRIGHT by R3DRAW-C3NTRAL SCREAMING IN FRIGHT :iconr3draw-c3ntral:R3DRAW-C3NTRAL 8 0 ??? by R3DRAW-C3NTRAL ??? :iconr3draw-c3ntral:R3DRAW-C3NTRAL 4 0 Your Not Actually Flying Tho Ell by fairygirl04 Your Not Actually Flying Tho Ell :iconfairygirl04:fairygirl04 3 0 Tam dont spit on the flowers by fairygirl04 Tam dont spit on the flowers :iconfairygirl04:fairygirl04 5 0 YOU ARE SO STUPID!! by R3DRAW-C3NTRAL YOU ARE SO STUPID!! :iconr3draw-c3ntral:R3DRAW-C3NTRAL 4 0 I DIDN'T MEAN TO... by R3DRAW-C3NTRAL I DIDN'T MEAN TO... :iconr3draw-c3ntral:R3DRAW-C3NTRAL 3 0 Holding My Niece  by EmmaThePenguin1000 Holding My Niece :iconemmathepenguin1000:EmmaThePenguin1000 3 5 Edgar by FandomTrashCanBoii Edgar :iconfandomtrashcanboii:FandomTrashCanBoii 2 3 [OC] Sparky the Shiny Pikachu by yoshiLover1000 [OC] Sparky the Shiny Pikachu :iconyoshilover1000:yoshiLover1000 15 3 CATCH ME IF YOU CAN YOU GUYS!!! Skatch by EmmaThePenguin1000 CATCH ME IF YOU CAN YOU GUYS!!! Skatch :iconemmathepenguin1000:EmmaThePenguin1000 7 7 Nicole's New Look Skeatch by EmmaThePenguin1000 Nicole's New Look Skeatch :iconemmathepenguin1000:EmmaThePenguin1000 5 2 Happy birthday (Art trade) by puglov90 Happy birthday (Art trade) :iconpuglov90:puglov90 2 2



I don't know why I feel like I'm in a fluffy heaven when I wear my older brother's hoodies. Sometimes I just wonder why they're so damn comfy XD 
Current dreams (warning, very weird)
I swear, all of this you are reading is true! I really had this going on in my current dreams. Now this wasn't reality, just dreaming. Enjoy reading if interested. Also this may seem a bit bizarre so readers description is advised. That's pretty much why I set this to mature :P

Well...shockingly I had two great dreams in a row. One Monday night and one Tuesday night.

Monday Night I drempt about someone who was really special to me(this is someone I know in real life btw) and I was told that they wanted to see me. When I saw them I immediately gave them a big hug and cuddled them. I made a promise I'd be there for them forever. Then at one point this person said they'd be right back, and they ended up disappearing. This told me I had to go look for them. Sadly, my dream ended before I was able to find them...leaving me lonely.

Last night I drempt that I was in a classroom, this one girl sat next to me and she was talking kindly to me. It was weird cause I was being really cruel in that dream. I wrote down a bunch of offensive stuff and expected to turn it in to my English teacher that I had in 10th grade. What made it weirder was that this girl was putting her arm around me and smiling, almost as if she wanted me with her. She even wanted to spend some time with me. I eventually snapped out of being weird and attempted to rip up the paper with the cruel writing before the teacher saw, and that scene of the dream ended. In the next part of the dream I was in an odd room, my sister ran in and told me that it was time for girls chat. For some reason I was excited and I followed her. That girl from the first scene of my dream was supposed to be there too, but when I got to the recommended area the only people inside were a few girls that I didn't like. All of them were girls that have bullied me in the past. They all ignored me, and I was hyper. My sister somehow disappeared from the dream cause she was no where to be seen. This scene of the dream ended with me watching tv with the girls...and it was Blues Clues for some reason, lol. So next thing you know, I was in a new area. This was actually my old bedroom from where I grew up as a young child. It was dark and quiet, until this man walked in and started to assault me in innapropriate ways(by legit talking my pants off .-. ) The background was red and this guy has no pupals, just white eyeballs. Then I just screamed for help. Then that scene of the dream ended. So here was the final scene of my dream. I was in a very weird area, like an old party room. The only thing lighting the room was an old tv with a YouTube channel playing on it. The video was a remix of HowToBasic I think. I found it odd because the people in the room were congratulating me and telling me I made that remix...which I somehow remember doing(I never made any remix in real life though!) . As I stood there, that same girl came back from the beginning and was so happy for me. I was happy too! Then the dream came to its end.

I have no idea how my brain could think of something so amazing and to be honest I wish it was all real. I'm just wondering who this girl was though. I'm starting to wonder if this girl was the same person as the one I drempt about from the dream from Monday night, just in a different body. Eitherway, it was pretty amazing. So the drawing just kinda represents how I'm feeling about the fact that these dreams are focused on someone I really love. So that's why I put down my favorites lyrics of the song Someone Like You by Adele. Those lyrics including "Don't forget me I beg. I'll remember you said. 'Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.'"

~Hey, if you are at the bottom then you read some bizarre dreams from my weird lol mind X3

My sona (C) Me
I do not own the original meme


1. Choose 6 OCs to use and put them in any random order.

2. Do not change any of the questions.

3. Please do not look at the questions ahead.

4. Tag some peeps.

OCs being used:

1. Tanner the chipmunk

2. Coco the hedgehog

3. Bud the pony

4. Maya the eevee

5. Gus the cat

6. Cleo

Now for them questions.


Q1. (3) is talking to himself/herself about what they think of (4). What do they say?

Bud: She's the cutest lil eevee I ever did see!

Maya: Um, who da heck you calling cute

Q2. (5) and (2) are arguing over who's better. (5) punches (2). What does (2) do?

Gus: I am the best kitty ever! No one is better than me!

Coco: Yeah sure, I'm not the one who weighs 300 pounds and gets caught eating in the bathroom!

Gus: *gasp* How dare you! *pushes Coco, not being very painful as he has soft paws*

Coco: Uhhh?

Gus: Graar!

Q3. (1) stares at (6), who is watching TV. (6) notices this after 2 hours. How would (6) react?

Tanner: *hums*

Cleo: Umm, are you lost or something, little one?

Tanner: *stares at Cleo*

Cleo: Hello?

Tanner: Are you a mushroom?

Cleo: K-kinda...

Q4. (4) vomits all over (2). How does (2) react?

Maya: *vomits*

Coco: *screams* What the hell is wrong with you?!?!?!

Maya: *giggles* Hey, I'm three years old! I can't control when I need to puke! Haha, you should have seen da look on your face!

Coco: Grrrrrr! Static!!!!!!!

Q5. (2) throws a fork at (3). Does (3) get hit?

Coco: *throws the fork since she is still angry from the puke*

Bud: Aye caramba! *ducks* That was close! Oh...*notices his tail caught the fork*

Q6. (1) and (4) go to (5)'s party. (5) gives beer to (1) and (4). What happens?

Tanner: I love parties!

Maya: Me too! Dey are da best!

Gus: Thanks for coming children. I know you will have a great time! Now then, would you like a sip of rum? Its quite lovely!

Tanner: But Mr. Chubby kitty sir, I'm too young!

Maya: Yeah, I learned from my mama dat drinking is bad!

Gus: It won't kill ya! *hands the bottles to Tanner and Maya* Now enjoy!

Tanner and Maya prepare to take a sip until Gus's mother stops them.

Gus's mother: Gus! Are you crazy? They are three years old!

Gus: Sorry mama, I just wish I had friends my own age!

Gus's mother: Well move out then!

Q7. (6) is having a problem with (3). He/she asks (5) for help. Does (5) help?

Cleo: I know he's not a bad guy, it's just...his obsession with anime is starting to go too far!

Gus: *drinks an extra large vanilla shake and burps* What was the question again?

Cleo: *facepalm*

Q8. (2) and (3) play a prank on (6). What does (6) do?

Coco: Oh god, this is too funny! Switching her hair spray with garlic juice! Too funny.

Bud: I can't wait to see her reaction-

Cleo: *screams* Who did this? I'm allergic to garlic! *skin puffs up*

Bud and Coco slowly walk away

Cleo: You two are dead!

Q9. (4) is in bed, cuddling (5). (1) walks in and sees this. What does (1) think?

Maya: You are so cuddly, chubbster!

Gus: You are quite cute!

Tanner: *walks in* Has anyone seen my toothbr- OOOOH! IM TELLING ON YOU! CUDDLING IS NAUGHTY!

Q10. (3) suddenly walks up to (6) and kisses him/her. (4) happened to have been there and took a picture. How does (6) react?

Bud: *kisses Cleo*

Cleo: What the- what is wrong with you?

Bud: Did you get it, Maya?

Maya: Yup!


Q11. (5) proposes to (4). (2) comes up and also proposes to (4). What does (4) do?

Gus: Maya, will you-

Coco: Hold up! I'm marrying her cause for some reason I was dared to and it's weird cause I'm not into girls and I'm already in a relationship and-

Maya: Gross! *walks away*

Q12. (3) is turned into a gender-swap version of himself/herself for a day. (1) falls for (3) but doesn't seem to know it really is (3). What would (3) do?

Bud: *is now a girl* Woah! I'm a- IM A FILLY!

Tanner: Woah! You are really pretty!

Bud: Uhh, thanks?

Tanner: Wanna go eat acorns with me? (That's not meant to be sexual btw)

Bud: Wh-what?

Q13. (4) and (2) dance together only for (6) to interrupt. What happens?

Coco: This journal meme is so damn weird...

Maya: *dances around, her tongue out*

Cleo: Hey have you guys seen my brother?

Maya: Ay, we are getting jiggy with it! Scram!

Q14. (1) murders (6) and (2) sees it. What will (2) do?

Tanner: Oh no...

Cleo: Oh my princess toadstool! What did you do?!?!

Tanner: *cries* I thought that she could eat acorns! It was an accident really! *grabs onto Cleo*

Q15. This meme is done. What will all the numbers do now?

Tanner: *tries reviving Coco*

Coco: Huh? I'm alive?

Bud: Well I'm gonna draw some hentai, see ya.

Maya: *play around in the mud* Haha!

Gus: *is eating three bags of McDonald's food*

Cleo: Who wants to study?


Cort-Pikachu's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
ID by :iconm-attique:

Just another fan of pikachu ^^

Hi, you can call me Cort or Cory, I go by both ♡ I'm a bigender teenager who likes drawing cute things. Watch me if you wanna, I'd never force you ^.^

Anti The Loud house stamp by CatFan180

What is My Life? by ashesto

The fandoms I'm currently in are
-Happy Tree Friends
-Planet Dolan
-Super Mario
-Sonic the Hedgehog
-Alvin and the Chipmunks
-Lego Batman (if that counts...)
-Yuri!! on Ice

[ YURI ON ICE ] [ STAMP ] Zombie huuuug. by imurdad [ STAMP ] [ YURI ON ICE ] Victuri power. by imurdad

m-attique The one who matters to me most! ♡♡♡♡

KwiatLotosu My sweet pet and a great friend of mine ^^

I also love every buddy I have! ♡♡♡♡

My interests include~
-some animes
-stuffed toys
-anything cute

Although I love a lot of stuff, I have stuff I refuse to or won't ever draw, which include
-The Loud House
-certain fetishes
-hate art
-stuff I consider inappropriate

I Don't RolePlay by KittyJewelpet78


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Please pay for any commissions here ~♡

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