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Welcome to my world of art ^.^

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Baby feud
Matt headed outside with his two kids in his arms on a sunny day, and shockingly it was the exact same time Jon headed out holding his son, Edgar.

Matt: Down you go, Marty. You too, Tonya. *puts the twins in the grass*

Jon: Okay Edgar, you go look at the pretty butterfly over there. Isn't it lovely?

Edgar: *smiles and giggles*

Matt happily watched his two kids squirming around and giggling until he noticed Jon.

Matt: Jon?!

Jon: Matt?!

Matt and Jon: I didn't know you had kids!

Jon: Aw, your babies are so cute!

Matt: Thank you! So is your little one. What's his name?

Jon: Edgar! And yours?

Matt: This little guy is Marty and this little girl is Tonya. Marty, Tonya, say hi to Edgar!

The ginger put the twins over to the brunette baby, hoping they would bond. It didn't seen to go well though.

Marty: *glares, making Edgar uncomfortable*

Edgar: Gah?

Marty: Nyeh!

Edgar: *tears up, covering his face*

Tonya: Mawdee! (That's how she says Marty)

Edgar immediately started bawling loudly, having Jon grow angry.

Jon: Hey! Your little monsters made Edgar cry!

Matt: *gasps* Monsters?! At least my kids don't look like a mini version of Eduardo but ten times more ugly!

Jon: What?! Oh I swear to god, you are gonna get it!

As Matt and Jon started grabbing at each others hair, Edd and Tom as well as Eduardo and Mark headed outside. Poor Edgar was still crying very hard while Marty and Tonya looked up in confusion.

Tom: What the hell is going on?

Eduardo: Dammit I have been hearing Edgar cry all the way from my room! I thought he was being kidnapped or something! Now do tell, what's up?

Matt: Your "wife", called my kids monsters!

Eduardo: Jon-

Jon: He said Edgar looks like a mini version of you but ten times uglier!

Eduardo: Excuse me? So you think I'm ugly! And my son is ugly?! Oh that's it! My son happens to be awesome!

Tom: Is that the same baby who cries and screams over the stupidest shit?

Edd: Tom, don't get involved!

Eduardo: *grabs Tom's hoodie* Shut up!

While the four argued, Mark and Edd sighed.

Mark: So, how's it feel to live with two babies?

Edd: It's not bad. I like it actually. Marty and Tonya are cuties.

Mark: Consider yourself lucky. This little brat will cry over everything!

Edd: *picks up Marty and Tonya* Come on, you two. I'm sure you don't wanna be a part of this.

Mark: *picks up Edgar* Okay, shut up! I get it, your scared! Stop fucking crying!

Edgar: *screams and cries*

Marty and Tonya: *clench onto Edd*

Soon the fight stopped. Jon was panting and Matt was heading back to the door of the house.

Tom: Well, that was something!

Eduardo: I'm going to take a nap. I've had enough fighting today.

Back in Edd's house

Edd: Seriously guys, don't fight like that again!

Matt and Tom: We're sorry.

Matt: *whispers* I bet Edgar was only crying cause he needed to be changed. Marty and Tonya aren't scary. I mean come on, that kid smelled horrible!

Tom: You sure that isn't your new cologne? It kinda smells like shit!

Edd: You wish that, Matt.

In Eduardo's house

Jon: *comforts Edgar* Shh, it's all over now.

Eduardo: So, do you think I'm ugly?

Jon: Of course not! You're pretty hot.

Eduardo: Now that's a fact!

Mark: *facepalm* Why do I still live here?

//well this was a mouthful.

Edgar (C) Me
Marty and Tonya (C) Me and m-attique
I'm drawing Edgar, Marty, and Tonya! ...oh sheet, no one cares XD
I can't take it here anymore. I'm leaving until my art improves, which is possibly never. I try to get people to understand my art is shit but no one ever listens. So bye


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
ID by :iconm-attique:

Just another fan of pikachu ^^

Hi, you can call me Cort. I'd prefer that ♡ I'm a teenager who likes drawing cute things. Watch me if you wanna, I'd never force you ^.^

The fandoms I'm currently in are
-Happy Tree Friends
-Planet Dolan
-Super Mario
-Sonic the Hedgehog
-Alvin and the Chipmunks

Current level of happiness: decent

m-attique My lovely sweetie! Don't do anything to hurt her in any way, shape, or form. ♡

KwiatLotosu My sweet pet and a great friend of mine ^^

I also love every buddy I have! ♡♡♡♡

-Although my old art contains fetish, I am done drawing fetish art for good!
-If I draw something for you, you don't have to comment but I'd at least expect you to fav it as a way of saying thank you.
-I don't role play!
-No starting role plays or fights with other users on my profile. Seriously you can do that somewhere else.
-Any comments I find unnecessary will be hidden. Meaning anything sexual or not having to do with the said deviation.
-If you need to ask me something personal, send a note.
-If you watch me, please don't say shit like "Watch me back" please. If I get a new watcher I always watch them back.
-If do do requests but they are only for close friends.
-I don't type stories anymore or do story commissions.
-If I find out that you are a watcher of mine and you are harassing other watchers of mine I will unwatch and block you. I prefer that very one is treated kindly and with respect.
-Please be nice!

I Don't RolePlay by SoraRoyals77


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