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Welcome to my world of art ^.^

Warning, I'm a dork for Disney

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

I do not own the original meme!

1: All time favorite Disney movie

Lilo and Stitch! Very sweet story but also hilarious.

2: Top 5 Disney movies

5.) The Princess and the Frog
4.) Tangled
3.) The Hunchback of Notre Dame
4.) Beauty and the Beast
1.) Lilo and Stitch

3: Favorite Princess

Quasi! Oh wait he's not a princess XD lol

Pocahontas or Elsa are my choices here. Though I love Tiana as well! Ah it's hard to chose! :0

4: Favorite Prince

I'd have to chose Flynn or Kristoff. Both interest me a lot!

5: Favorite couple


6: Favorite villain

Gaston (He's hilarious)

Though my second choice would maybe be Mother Gothel

7: Favorite heroine

Esmeralda(if she counts?)

8: Favorite hero

Probably Quasimodo...he interests me

9: Favorite sidekick


My second choice is Pascel(Rapunzel's lizard)

The Parks
10: Disneyland or Disneyworld

Disney World is great fun! Still I want to go to Disney Land sometime in life because there's Hunchback characters there! (Although the costume for Quasimodo is kinda nightmare fuel...meh)

11: Favorite ride

I have no idea. The last time I went to Disney World I was too little to go on any cool rides XD I mostly rode the Dumbo elephants.

12: Favorite park within the resort (i.e Epcot)

...don't know ;-; I liked the Winnie the Pooh areas kinda

13: Favorite land inside a resort (i.e. Tomorrowland)

Not sure

14: Favorite Disney snack

The ice cream!

15: Favorite Disney restaurant

Not sure

16: Favorite Attraction/Show

I just enjoyed the parades as a child :P I don't remember much

17: Favorite secret/underrated spot in the parks


18: What three locations would you want to stay at overnight in the parks

I'm obsessed with Cinderella castle...thats all I can think of. XD

19: Favorite character to interact with

I never talked to any ;-;

20: Which character's handwriting do you wish to have

?!?! Don't know DX

21: Your favorite memory with a face character


22: A character that you are/have been scared of approaching


23: A character that the parks should permanently have

Any hunchback character would be awesome! Yet I'd suggest updating Quasi's costume look. It looks more scary than friendly. That's just my opinion.

24: Favorite Disney Hotel

I never stayed in one sadly

25: Describe a typical day at Disney for you

Trying to find as many villains as possible.

26: Planning to do the Disney College Program? If you've already done it, what was your position? If you haven't, what would you like to do?

It would be cool...

This or that
27: Snow White or Cinderella?


28: Ariel or Belle?


29: Pocahontas or Mulan?

I don't know anything about Mulan. So Pocahontas wins!

30: Aurora or Rapunzel??

Rapunzel obviously!

31: Tiana or Jasmine?


32: Meg or Kida?


33: Stitch or Pooh?

Stitch! I love Stitch! ^^ Pooh Bear and I have a bad past...

34: Eugene Fitzherbert or Prince Eric?


35: Prince Charming or Prince Ferdinand?

Prince Charming? I guess...

36: Li Shang or John Smith?

John Smith

37: Prince Philip or Prince Adam/the Beast?

Beasty! :D

38: Prince Naveen or Aladdin?

Aladdin for the win!

39: Hercules or Milo?

I don't know of either tbh

40: How long has your favorite Disney princess been your favorite?

I loved Cinderella but I'm kinda into Rapunzel now

41: Have you ever met your favorite princess in the parks?

No 3:

42: Do you have a Disney princess hierarchy? If so, list them from most favorite to least favorite. Otherwise, just give your top 3 favorite princesses.

2.) Pocahontas
1.) Rapunzel

43: Which princess' story is the most similar to your life?

I'd say Pocahontas as I have had issues with my father and I tend to love animals. That's all I can think of :P I'm like Belle or Merrida too I guess in a way.

44: Which princess' personality is most similar to yours?


45: All time favorite song

Mother Knows Best or Out There

46: Favorite love song

(I have no idea...)

47: Favorite villain song

Hellfire is cool

48: Favorite wardrobe


49: Outfit you wish you had

I like LeFou's for some reason

50: What character(s) have you Disneybounded as/ want to Disneybound as

LeFou, Quasimodo, and probably Eugene

51: Your Disney look-a-like

Uhh Belle? Minus the dress? ○~O

52: What Disney character would you like to be paired with?

...Don't make me embarrass myself.

QUASIMODO OKAY! He's cute to me...*explodes*

53: Whose voice do you wish you had (singing and speaking)

Esmeralda's! It's so pretty

54: What Disney movie cheers you up

The Lion King(minus Mufasa's death...)

55: What Disney movie makes you sad

Probably The Hunchback of Notre Dame. There's a lot of scenes that are hard to watch in my opinion.

56: What's the most underrated Disney movie

Brother Bear. I like it a lot but most despise it.

57: What the most overrated Disney movie

I'm sorry but Frozen. It's treated horribly

58: Favorite Pixar movie

Finding Nemo

59: Favorite quote

"Don't talk about my father that way!"
"Yeah, don't talk about her father that way!"

60: Favorite non-animated Disney movie

George of the Jungle 2

61: Best soundtrack

Songs from Hunchback are awesome!

62: Last Disney movie you watched

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

63: Two characters that would be great friends

Rapunzel and Qusimodo! They gave so much in common!

64: Two characters that would be enemies

Gaston and the gargoyles XD

65: Two characters that should be paired up, but aren't.

LeFou and Gaston...


All done! Not tagging!


Cort-Pikachu's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Deviant ID by m-attique

Just another fan of pikachu

My name is Cort, though I also go by Cory. You can call me either one. I really love cute stuff as that seems to be my thing. I as well love writing songs and poetry. Watch me if you wanna. I would would never force you to! :3

The fandoms I'm in are
-Happy Tree Friends
-My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
-Yuri!!! On Ice
-Super Mario
-Sonic the hedgehog

My favorite characters
-Flaky and Nutty (Happy Tree Friends)
-Apple Jack, the cutie mark crusaders, and Octavia (MLP)
-Yurio and Emil (Yuri!!! On Ice)
-I love way too many Disney characters to list
-Toad and Bowser (Super Mario)
-Tails, Shadow, Amy, and Cream (Sonic the hedgehog)
-Too many pokemon to list, Ash Ketchum, and Team Rocket (Pokemon)

My biggest interests
-Disney(minus Disney Sitcoms)
-Plush toys
-Animals(cats and squirrels the most)
-YouTube Poop
-Cartoon and Movie reviewers(Mr. Enter, PhantomStrider, Nostalgia Critic)

Guilty pleasure shows and movies
-Fanboy and Chum Chum
-Wild Grinders
-Cow and Chicken

If you want to do an art trade or wants a commission, please go to the top of my profile and check if they're open before asking! Thanks!

m-attique is my everything and I love her very much! Please check out her DeviantArt if you have the time. Her art is worth a fav or two or more! ^^

KwiatLotosu is my bestie and she is the one who kept me active on this site with her positive comments and funny personality! She truly is a great person and you should check her out!

I as well love all my other best buddies on here! You all are so awesome! :D

Have an awesome day!


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